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2017 Chardonnay $40
White Peach, Pineapple, Green Apple and Layered Pear

2019 Pinot Gris $38
Fresh and crisp, this wine has hints of pineapple, Asian pear and white peach

2018 Riesling $38
Apricot, Tart Apple, Star Fruit with Light Acidity

2019 Roussanne $32
Floral overlay with hints of star fruit, nectarine, Meyer lemon and a touch of cream

2019 Viognier $34
Light minerality with hints of apricot, peach and honeydew ending in a creamy finish


2019 Grenache Rosé $34
A dry rose with hints of fresh strawberry, raspberry and red cherry


2015 Pinot Noir*** $48
This pinot leads with leads with earth, notes of oak, raspberries, sour cherry, red currant, and slight hints of tobacco.​

2015 Tempranillo *** $42
Grand structure and body offers stewed black cherries and purple raspberries infused with hints of cigar tobacco and fresh cracked pepper.

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon $50
Blackberry, Pipe Tobacco, Tannic Finish

2017 Pinot Noir R.V. Reserve $64
Elegant, earthy and oaky , with purple plum, stewed cherries and a hint of truffle.

2017 Pinot Noir W.V. $52
Earth, Oak, Truffle, Prune, Light Red Fruit

2017 Sangiovese $35
Hint of Leather, Blackberry, Cherry, Oak, Light Tannins

2017 Tempranillo $42
Earth, Leather, spicy and tannic with notes of blackberry and fig

Please ask us about our Wine Club.


Book a package and receive 10% off of bottles.
Wine Club members will receive an extra 5% discount:
3 bottle members = 15% off
6 bottle members = 20% off
12 bottle members = 25% off
Prices Vary
Package 1: 
Day Time Date: Couples Package

2 hours at a private table
3 bottles of wine
2 Signor Vineyards Souvenir Wine Glasses

Package 2:
Stock up and Sip Package

2 hours at a private table
6 bottles of wine
4 Signor Souvenir Wine Glasses

Package 3:
VIP Reserve Package

2 hours at a private table
12 bottles of wine
6 Signor Souvenir Wine Glasses
Signor Corkscrew
Signor Wooden 6 Bottle Wine Box
Ala Carte
Signor Vineyards Corkscrew: $15.99
Signor Vineyards Souvenir Wine Glass: $3
Chunkies Sticks and Paper Pad for Kids: $19.99
Anti Pasta Tray: $14.99


Small Picnic Package:
Anti Pasta Tray
La Panzanella Garlic or Gluten Free Crackers
Emma and Ollie Cookie

Medium Picnic Package:
Anti Pasta Tray
La Panzanella Garlic or Gluten Free Crackers
Jalapeno Jelly
Large Torres Black Truffle Chips
Emma and Ollie Cookie

Large Picnic:
Anti pasta Tray
La Panzanella Garlic or Gluten Free Crackers
Bread Stix Mini
 Amaretto Peach Pecan Preserves
Jalapeno Jelly
Grandmas Hummus
Grandmas Tabouleh
Boursin Cheese
Torres Black Truffle, Sea Salted, Iberian Ham, and Paprika Chips. (1  each)
2 Emma and Ollie Cookies
Complimentary Formulary 55 Guest Bar Hand Soap
$101.79 including tax