Texas Wine Month Is Here


At long last, Texas Wine Month has arrived! To celebrate this wonderful time of year, Signor Vineyards will be offering an $18 tasting promo. This covers a flight of four of our clean-crafted varietals: 2018 Estate Petite Sirah, 2018 Estate Tannat, 2017 Tempranillo, and 2017 Sangiovese.


For every tasting purchased, $1 will be donated to Save Texas Wineries, an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Texas wineries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone is feeling the effects of the pandemic in one way or another.  By celebrating Texas Wine Month with Signor, we can all relax a little, whether it’s by sipping in the shade or by experiencing the vibrancy of Texas Wine Country.

This vineyard is built upon a strong sense of pride for our Texan heritage, our close community of vintners, and the wine enthusiasts who enrich our lands and our lives.

A trip to Signor Vineyards gives you, your family, and friends the perfect picture of what Texan winegrowing (or “viticulture” if you feel like flexing your wine vocabulary) is about:  community, celebration, and a deep, generational tie to the ground from which our vines grow.  It would be our delight to celebrate Texas Wine Month with you!

Plan your visit today! 

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